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About Jeff's Training Zone (JTZ)

The idea for this service came from a long time client and friend who needed different workouts when he was not with me for our in person sessions. For me,  this was a great way to leverage my time during the day since I train clients one on one and in groups from 6:30 am to 5 pm most days of the week. For him, the consistency and accountability to complete the workouts and eat properly throughout the year resulted in an increase in strength,  cardio endurance, and a significant decrease in body fat! Next thing I knew, I had a handful of his good friends and family taking part with all different fitness levels,  goals and lifestyles.  Now I am able to extend my 15+ year experience in the field of health and fitness to many more people throughout my week!


I am honored to help the hard working men and women who want to better themselves! 


Jeff's Bio


Jeff Herdemian was born and raised in New York and his parents were school teachers that taught him to work hard and help others.  Jeff was always active and loved sports.  The idea of training the body to become strong, fast, and flexible intrigued him (Rocky movies helped).  It was when he saw his father recover from 2 total hip surgeries (and 2 revisions) that he realized the human body is a gift and has the ability to restore itself too.  Now it was time to study and learn as much as he could. He went to school in North Carolina where he studied exercise science, then began to work and learn about people.  He worked in physical therapy clinics, school districts, chain gyms, small personal training studios, mixed martial arts training facilities, and corporate wellness facilities.  Jeff holds a degree in exercise science and continuing education/certifications include The American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise National Physiologist, Academy of Sports Medicine Corrective Exercise Specialist, Trigger Point Myo-Fascial Compression Techniques, Functional Movement Systems and Titleist Performance Institute.  Jeff has a thirst for knowledge and is always reading and looking into the next certification, continuing education seminar, book, or research article that will enhance his knowledge. 

Jeff works with golf professionals and amateurs, corporate executives, youth, and elderly.  Over the years and currently, he helps people lose weight, improve posture/back health, decrease stress, improve sport performance, and become more functional in their daily lives.  Jeff has a passion for what he does and is on a mission to help people and himself reach full potential.  

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