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HIIT it!

Got 25 minutes? This is for you.

Most of us have busy schedules and fitting in a 60 min workout is a tough task. Sometimes all we have is 25 min to exercise and feel that is a waste of time due to such a short duration.

Not anymore!

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and is one of the most popular forms of exercise today. HIIT involves alternating brief bouts (30 seconds to 5 minutes) of higher-intensity sets with either rest or lower-intensity workloads throughout an exercise routine. It divides the workout in two speeds, intense and rest. An example would be 30 sec all out on rowing machine, take 30sec to get off rowing machine then do 30 seconds of pushups and repeat that circuit for 20 minutes!!

The scientific evidence shows many health benefits of this form of training:

1. A group of Norwegian researchers (Tjonna et al., 2008) investigated the effectiveness of 16 weeks of HIIT compared to traditional, moderate-intensity continuous training as a treatment for individuals with metabolic syndrome. The HIIT program consisted of four interval bouts of four minutes at 90% HRmax, interspersed with three-minute active recovery bouts at 70% HRmax, for three sessions per week. Researchers concluded that HIIT was superior to moderate-intensity continuous training at improving endothelial function, blood glucose control and fat metabolism.

2. More recently, a group of Canadian researchers (Little et al., 2011) investigated the effects of two weeks of low-volume HIIT on metabolic health in a group of individuals with type 2 diabeties. The HIIT program consisted of 10 interval bouts of 60 seconds at 90% HRmax, interspersed with 60 seconds of passive rest or very-light active recovery, for three sessions per week. After just six total exercise sessions, subjects’ blood glucose control was significantly improved.

As you can see, HIIT boosts metabolism and accelerates fat loss. During HIIT, you consume way more oxygen than slower, longer duration exercise. Research also shows that one session of HIIT can burn calories throughout the rest of the day.

Here is one of my favorite HIIT workouts!


FAST for 60 seconds ( your “FAST” speed could be 5.0 all the way up to 10.0 based on where you are in your fitness)

SLOW for 60sec (walk at 3.0)

Repeat 5 times

Rowing machine

FAST for 30 sec. (spm 45)

SLOW for 30 sec. (spm 20)

Repeat 5 times


Interval sprints will improve your results!

Using stopwatch feature on phone (or watch)

30 sec pushups

30 sec rest

30 seconds bodyweight squats

30 sec rest

30 second burpees

Post-interval water frolicking – optional

30 sec rest

Repeat 5 times

So if you’re pressed for time or just like to get your workout done fast, this is the perfect mode of exercise for you! Post your favorite HIIT workout if you have one! If you need a workout let me know.

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